Brenda's Daycare – Fort Collins, CO

Client Stories

My husband and I interviewed several providers, but none impressed us as much as Brenda’s daycare. We felt immediately comfortable with Brenda’s level of experience and gentle nature. 3½ years later and our daughter has grown quite attached to Mrs. Brenda.
We especially like that Brenda teaches a preschool program. Each month the curriculum includes different numbers, letters, and arts and crafts, all designed around a theme. Our daughter will come home singing songs, showing off her artwork, and telling us stories about what she learned that day in school.

The overall layout is very nice; the daycare has several dedicated rooms separate from the rest of the house. There is a bathroom, a room for nap time, main play area, an eating area, and even a little kitchen area for breakfast and lunch preparations. Brenda’s backyard has all the amenities that any little kid could dream of.

Our family is extremely pleased with the exceptional care that our daughter has received while at Brenda’s daycare. Brenda has provided a nurturing and loving environment for which our daughter to grow and develop.
Brenda Kenyon provides a marvelous daycare experience! We placed our daughter, in Brenda’s care when she was 3 months old (she’s now 2+ years). We had toured/interviewed quite a few other in-home daycares, but none came close to showing the professionalism and attention that marked Brenda’s services.
We can see that Brenda runs a clean, safe, organized, and FUN daycare. She keeps kids on a consistent schedule, providing time for education, play, and rest. We admire that everything she does is purposeful and well thought through. In warm-weather months, our daughter loves the frequent field trips to parks, museums, farms, and plays.

Most importantly to us, Brenda is AMAZING with the children. She is personable and loving while remaining professional and firm. It is a perfect balance, which we appreciate so much. Our daughter loves “Miss Brenda,” but she would never confuse her for Mom. All the kids in her care remain well adjusted and friendly, with minimal conflicts.

Combine all that with a fantastic indoor area and humongous back yard, and we can’t imagine a better home-based daycare in Northern Colorado. We are truly blessed to have Brenda as part of our lives, and we have zero reservations about entrusting our daughter to her. We love you, Brenda!
Daniel & Marie
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Brenda and her day care. Our children (ages 1 and 3) have been attending Brenda’s day care since they were four months old. Brenda provides everything we were hoping for in day care. Her warm and cheerful personality draws children to her immediately. She is attentive and cares and connects personally with each and every child.
It is not surprising that our children love going to her house. There they find a relaxed atmosphere where they can play and explore, including a huge beautiful back yard full of fun activities. Outdoor time is important to us, as it also is to Brenda, and she provides them opportunities daily for outdoor play. Brenda is incredibly organized and we never cease to be amazed at the creative projects she invites the kids to do.

Special holidays and birthdays are well celebrated at her house, with parties and creative activities the kids love. Summer is an especially fun time at Brenda’s, with almost daily outings to nearby parks and special events in the community. She often emails pictures to us of their activities so we can connect with them a bit more during the day. The time our children spend at Brenda’s feels like a home away from home, and we feel very lucky that our children attend her day care. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
Jenny & Ross
My daughter was with Brenda from the time she was 3 months old until she was 5 years old. I only have good things to say about Brenda and her day care. It is a wonderful environment for children. Brenda keeps the place very clean and amazingly always sends the kids’ home clean. I feel she has a very structured daycare and takes great care of all the children. Her family is wonderful and they all seem to participate with the children. My daughter loves all of them. I always felt very comfortable leaving my daughter there, even as an infant. I couldn\'t have found a better person to take care of her. Brenda is the best!
Brenda Kenyon has cared for our daughter for 6 years now. We were lucky enough to bring her to Brenda’s when she was just 2 years old. We could not feel more blessed to have Brenda and her family in our lives! Our daughter feels the same way, as she counts down the days to when she can go spend time there in the summer. Now that she is in school, she checks the calendar regularly for “no school” days! That means she gets to go to Brenda’s! When she was small it was not unusual for her to ask on Saturday mornings, “Go to Brenna’s?” What a comforting feeling to know your child loves to go elsewhere, while you are at work! That speaks volumes!
Having 3 older children, and having gone through countless other day care providers/agency, we feel we have had plenty of experience to compare to…and simply…none of our previous arrangements compare to Brenda! You will not find a more responsible, caring, loving, attentive, and educated day care provider. Nor will you find a safer environment! Brenda is so patient with the children, and radiates genuine Love. The kids get to do so many neat projects and they go on many educational outings. Brenda has the rare ability to care for groups of various ages. She is able to attend to the babies needs, keep tabs on the toddlers, as well as entertain the Preschoolers! Not a task for the average person.

We so enjoy the pictures Brenda e-mails us weekly! It is so great to see what your child actually “did” that day! So often you may ask your child, “What did you do today?”, and their will response will be “Nothin”. Well, Brenda’s pictures prove…that is just not so!!

It is safe to say that Brenda has created an “extended family” in her day care kids. It truly is a “family business”. Brenda’s daughter Katilyn and son Zach help out “in the classroom” often when they do crafts. You will often see one of them attending “field trips” during the summer. The children really bond with husband Joe as well, for he is a fun and entertaining visitor on occasion and the kids just love him! All in all, you will not find a better qualified day care provider! Brenda is priceless! We HIGHLY recommend her, and encourage you to visit!
Steve & Shawnda
This letter serves as a recommendation for Brenda Kenyon’s daycare services. Brenda and her family have provided us with quality childcare for more than eight years now, and has cared for my daughter since she was six weeks old. The nurturing, supportive, and structured environment provided in Brenda’s home has been profoundly beneficial in helping us raise a kind and responsible eight year old whom we are very proud of. Brenda’s expertise in childhood development has greatly enhanced our ability to work through common parenting challenges such as meeting early nutritional needs, toilet training, teaching age appropriate socially acceptable behavior, and academic preparation for school . Brenda is not just a childcare provider, her loving nature, flawless integrity, extensive subject knowledge, and “live by the golden rule” methodology, have made her an extension of our family and we are immensely appreciative for all she does.
It is with great pleasure that we recommend Brenda Kenyon. We have left our son, in her care for over a year now.

Brenda has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and devotion. She is definitely a competent daycare provider and has given us a greatly appreciated peace of mind that our son is in good hands during the work day.
Brenda is extremely organized and plans fun activities each and every day. We have been amazed at how much our son learns and how creative the artwork and other projects that he brings home are. Brenda makes sure that he gets outside and exercises and even takes field trips to local parks, gardens, and museums. She also maintains a nice social schedule and celebrates each child’s birthday and other holidays with special treats and activities.
We feel like part of the family and are happy to give Brenda our wholehearted endorsement.

Zach and Laura