Brenda's Daycare – Fort Collins, CO
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About Me

Hi! I’m Brenda. I have been doing licensed daycare for 28 years and still loving it. I always thought that once my own children started school I would have quit daycare, but throughout the years I have absolutely fallen in love with my daycare children. I feel I have found my passion in life with young children, and plan on doing daycare until I retire. But I do look forward to the day when I might have the opportunity to continue with my grandchildren, so I may never retire.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Joe for 33 years, who works from home most of the time. We have two children, our son, Zach, is 29 years old and our daughter Kaitlyn is 27 years. I thank my children for my daycare business as they are the reason I started daycare so many years ago. Joe, Zach, and Kaitlyn are all very supportive of my daycare business, and are willing to help out as needed. We have two small dogs: Jetice, a cocker spaniel, and Snicker, a pekinese. Both of these dogs have been raised from puppies by our family. They are excellent with the daycare kids and look forward to seeing the children each morning.

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About My Daycare

My daycare consists of a dedicated 1200 sq. ft. space that includes its own kitchen, large preschool room, large playroom, nap room, and bathroom. I also have a huge one third acre backyard, completely fenced in, with a 6 foot wooden fence and locked gates. The entire yard is lined with bushes, large shade trees, and grass which is maintained by a automatic sprinkler system and professionally serviced on a weekly basis. My yard comes complete with a basketball court used for ride on toys, a large sandbox, two playhouses, and a castle.

I own a 2004 Chevy Suburban which we use regularly during the summer to enjoy the parks, libraries, museums, plays, farms, water parks and anything else I can find to entertain the children with. We have added a manufacturer certified third bench seat with a shoulder seat belt designed especially for small children. With this addition we have the capacity for 11 passengers complete with car seats.

Most of my daycare children come to me as infants, and typically stay until they move on to kindergarten. It is so much fun to watch these kids start as infants and leave as the leader of the group. Five years seems like a long time, but from experience, I know it goes by very quickly. I treasure these rewarding experiences to watch each child develop through each stage of life until school.

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